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The MSMEDA was established by Presidential Decree in 1991 as a socio-economic safety net to combat unemployment, alleviate poverty, improve living conditions and accelerate comprehensive socio-economic development.
The MSMEDA is one of the State's mechanisms mandated to supporting micro and small enterprises MSEs and providing an integrated package of financial and non-financial services for start-up entrepreneurs. It is also entrusted with coordinating efforts with all MSEs development institutions and stakeholders in view of adopting policies required for their promotion.


o Mobilizing national and international technical and financial resources in quest of attaining comprehensive socio-economic development,
o Providing a bundle of financial and non-financial services for supporting small and micro enterprises,
o Financing projects that create job opportunities and improve basic and community infrastructure, and
o Encouraging entrepreneurial culture and linking large industries to small ones.


o Developing and financing viable MSEs,
o Improving living standards in targeted areas,
o Contributing to employment creation, especially for the youth and women, and
o Alleviating poverty.

Targeted Groups

o New graduates and the unemployed youth,
o Artisans with adequate experience, capable of managing small enterprises,
o Start-up entrepreneurs willing to expand their activities, and
o The marginalized groups: women, groups with special needs.
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