KFC (US) Now Open for Franchising in the Philippines
After more than five decades of presence in the Philippines, American fast food restaurant chain KFC is opening opportunities to local investors to franchise the world-famous fried chicken.

This was made possible after KFC Philippines and KFC Asia signed a master franchise agreement last November to allow the restaurant chain’s local unit to offer sub-franchises to local investors.

In a phone interview, KFC Philippines franchise team told GMA News Online that the minimum financial requirement to open a free standing KFC store is around P30 to P35 million for at least 1,200 square meters of space.

To open a KFC franchise inside a mall or establishment, a franchisee must have a minimum of P17 to P22 million. The store area must be between 160 to 250 square meters.

The franchisee’s investment cost will vary depending on the location and preferred store type, according to KFC Philippines.

KFC Philippines said it will provide “top-notch” support for potential franchisees, including business development, marketing and operations.

“Unit franchisees will be equipped with all the necessary tools to maximize their stores’ potential, from selecting the optimal site, promoting the store, tomanaging daily operations,” it said.

“Given the company’s world-class standards, entrepreneurs are ensured the full benefits of franchise ownership while enjoying a hassle-free management experience as KFC Philippines will handle the full operations of the stores,” it added.

KFC opened its first Philippine store in 1966, bringing its signature “11 secret herbs and spices” chicken recipe to Filipino taste buds.

The KFC brand has since expanded into more than 300 stores nationwide.