Expense Reduction Analysts Egypt

About US

As one of the world’s leading specialists for cost management, Expense Reduction Analysts optimizes your business costs and finds innovative solutions to best meet your company’s needs. The resulting savings are the outcome of our extensive subject knowledge, of professional negotiations with suppliers as well as our qualitative subject knowledge, assessment of their performance verses your needs. During the entire period of cooperation with Expense Reduction Analysts, you remain in control of our transparent process of cost management.

The majority of our work is done outside of your office environment. Our processes, resources, and systems ensure minimal impact on your internal resources. We monitor supplier performance throughout a time frame aligned with the supply contract to ensure that all the savings are realized, sustained, and even improved over time. Throughout the process, we collaborate with you on a fully transparent basis, allowing you to retain control of all the key aspects of the engagement.
Mission & Vision

It really is possible to purchase the same products and services more cost effectively when you bring to bear our experience, specialist expertise and supply chain influence.

Our mission is always to deliver value to our clients. That’s why you can expect the following from a relationship with ERA:

We seek to help you achieve the best possible value from the supply chain
We never compromise the quality of goods purchased
We never compromise on service levels
We deliver financial savings, enhanced service levels and improved supplier contracts
You then make decisions from a position of knowledge
You remain in control of those decisions at all times

Delivering tailored solutions to benefit business health and growth, advising on industry-specific best practices and reducing costs is what Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) does, but we believe in going further and being a business that is also a force for good.

It is irresponsible to ignore the fact that as a society we are using finite resources, resources that we can avoid consuming in our generation and preserve them for the next. Where we can do better, using less or by pursuing a more sustainable approach we should.

Offsetting our own footprint is one thing, but the opportunity to do more lies in what we can deliver to our clients. Often, we deliver sustainability alongside our savings.

This means that continuously helping our clients to invest in responsible avenues of spend will increase the value of their company as well as the entire ecosystem.

ompanies that operate sustainably are more attractive service providers, employers and business partners. Sustainability strengthens customer loyalty, attracts new customers and, in our understanding, has had a positive impact on the business.

Partnering with ERA will help to make the world a better place.