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About US

(FS Junior) has been in business since 2013. Junior is one of the largest soccer chains in the world. FS Junior is engaged in the business of football academies, preschool children education , healthy development and socializing from a very young age
Type of Available Franchise: Football Academies
Geographical Areas: Russia , Spain , Belarus ,Singapore, Indonesia , Moldova , Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan ,Armenia and Kyrgyzstan

Company Established Since: 2013
Franchising Since: 2014

Franchise Contract Duration: Starting from 5 years

Benefits for franchisees :

1- Liga Sporta is dedicated to launching and expanding education projects from different fields worldwide. With the help Education ERP™ it is possible to scale a project while assuring the level of quality stays the same. The ERP system automatically evaluates
the level of knowledge and performance of the school stuff. We make sure they get
the information they need and learn from it.

2-SportTracker for Game Sports
SportTracker is a high-accuracy, GPS-independent motion tracker used to make training more productive. It works both in an indoor and outdoor environments and was developed from the ground up by our Junior team.

3-Selling Sports Equipment and Printed Materials We make the best out of our scale. Schools in the Liga Sporta chain benefit from region based bulk purchasing of merchandise at a reduced cost and streamlined distribution

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