El Helal Group Star

About US

It all began in a small workshop in the center of Cairo, Egypt in 1961 where Amin Salem Helal produced handmade whisk brooms. Like all businesses at that time in Egypt, he sold his brooms to local companies as well as government organizations. Through the years, he became one of the most recognized and respected names in the local trading community of handmade whisk brooms. At the end of the sixties, Mr. Amin entered another market and started exporting his brooms to Saudi Arabia. In 1973, Mr. Amin’s eldest son, Salem, who was 12 years old at the time, began working with his father in the workshop after school.
He learned the art of the business and gained a vast experience and knowledge. Then a breakthrough occurred in 1979 when Mr. Salem decided to import brushes from Italy and started selling them in the Egyptian local market. Two years later, Mr. Salem and his father set up the first factory for manufacturing brooms. Then, with Mr. Salem at the helm, they set up a larger factory in 1986. Mr. Salem had great insight and knowledge of the Egyptian market and in 1993 he established the now renowned Egyptian brand which is El Helal & Golden Star Group. In 2010, Mr. Salem’s children, Ms. Yomna Helal and Mr. Ahmed Helal, began working in the company alongside their father. Like their father, they want to expand the company and to carry on their father’s vision as well as combining their own visions to his. They are determined to propel the company into the future for the next generations to come. Since its inception, the company grew into an assembly of factories that produce a wide range of household products including plastic chairs and tables, cleaning articles, detergents, plastic plant pots, aluminum pots, nonstick cookware, and other household products. They also produce cardboard packaging boxes and rubber. The company expanded into international markets by exporting to nations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as well as opening factories in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Ethiopia. Now, El Helal & Golden Star, is the biggest brand name in Egypt and the Middle East in the manufacturing of household products. The company strives to become exceptional in every product line it has produced and to build strong reliable relationships with all the enterprises it works with. Most importantly, the company’s main objective is to ensure that any product that carries the name and logo of El Helal & Golden Star guarantees quality and trust.